Neshaminy Harbor Yacht Club


N.H.Y.C. Officers Are Presented With The 2006 D.R.Y.L. - GST Club Of The Year Award At The 2007 D.R.Y.L. Banquet.

The History Of Our N.H.Y.C. Burgee

Our burgee - in my opinion, is one of the nicest looking burgeesí flying on any boat on the river and down the bay. It has a little history behind it as well. As you may or may not know, N.H.Y.C. was formed in the year 2000 by a merger between Lighthouse Harbor Boat Club and Neshaminy Yacht Club. So our burgee was influenced by the merger.

Lighthouse Harbor Boat Club was formed in 1999 from members of Snug Harbor Boat Club. Snug Harbor Boat Club was formed in 1970 and when new owners took over Snug Harbor Marina in 1997 they tried to enforce requirements as who could be a Snug Harbor Boat Club member which forced Snug Harbor Boat Club Board Of Directors, Officers and Members to form Lighthouse Harbor Boat Club.


Neshaminy Yacht Club was formed in the 1958 and its home was on The Neshaminy Creek in Croydon, Pa. It then moved into The Neshaminy State Park Marina in 1970. The Neshaminy Yacht Club burgee had a few different looks over the years - four to be exact. The original 1958 burgee, then one that flew for only a year in 1985, then one that flew from 1986 to 1989 and the burgee that most are aware of before the merge.


Our Neshaminy Harbor Y.C. burgee came from combining the N.Y.C. burgee with the the S.H.B.C. and the L.H.B.C. burgeesí. Below are the burgeesí that led to finest looking burgee flying on the river.


    SHBC - 1970


     NYC - 1958


    SHBC - 1990


     NYC - 1985


    LHBC - 1999


     NYC - 1986


    NYC - 1989   


         NHYC - 2000

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