Neshaminy Harbor Yacht Club


About Us

Neshaminy Harbor Yacht Club was formed back in 2000 when Lighthouse Harbor Boat Club ( formally Snug Harbor Boat Club ) merged with Neshaminy Yacht Club. Both clubs were from the Neshaminy Creek area with Neshaminy Yacht Club being formed in the 50s and Snug Harbor Boat Club being started in the 70s. In the late 90s, new owners took over Snug Harbor Marina and with that came the end of Snug Harbor Boat Club. The Officers of Snug Harbor Boat Club formed Lighthouse Harbor Yacht Club and moved on. As many of the Lighthouse Harbor Yacht Club members kept their boats at Neshaminy State Marina and were members of Neshaminy Yacht Club, a merger was a possibility. After a few months of meetings with Officers from both clubs it was put to a vote by both clubs. There was only 1 person from over 60 who thought it was not a good idea. Needless to say Neshaminy Harbor Yacht Club was formed and the rest is history. Neshaminy Harbor Yacht Club has turned out to be one of the most active clubs on The Delaware River and in The Delaware River Yachtsmen's League. Two of our Neshaminy Harbor Yacht Club Princesses have been crowned Queen of The D.R.Y.L. and Neshaminy Harbor YC was named The 2006 & 2009 D.R.Y.L. Club of the Year! We have come along way in a short time and we have proved that 1 person very very wrong !

N.H.Y.C. Officers Are Presented With The 2006 D.R.Y.L. - GST Club Of The Year Award At The 2007 D.R.Y.L. Banquet.

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